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Post by Admin on Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:46 pm

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.8 (free update for customers, 18th December 2014)
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- Updated local opening book with latest theory up to December 2014
- Updated online GM and GM+ (for Deep HCE) books with latest theory
- Updates to ECO reference
- Confirm loss of locked analysis
- Allow synchronised game filter with position and show games functions going forward and backwards through a game
- Allow Pasting PGN FEN with no move
- Engine match adjudication now optional
- Allowing pasting partial games onto position
- Player clock times restored after replaying move
- Detect last move blunders in game analysis
- Default to last book used in game play
- Display date online book last updated with count of positions, variations and games
- Smarter resignation
- Allow hiding moves in training mode
- Automatically switch to training mode when loading puzzles/test sets
- New tactical test set included sorted by difficulty
- Mac OS Yosemite look and feel improvements
- Fix to Mac OS Yosemite sleep crash issue
- Correction to tablebase dialog to display under promotions outcomes
- Improvement to live game presentation
- Move and square arrows and highlights marked in game notation with a star
- Handling of upgrades to Deep functionality
- Many other improvements and bug fixes


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