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RelaxChess , try it out its unique features Empty RelaxChess , try it out its unique features

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RelaxChess for Windows is a chess game with some unique possibilities making play chess easy and spectaculair. Underneath some features

It allows You to play against advanced own written chess engine (wow) or other users in 2D or 3D game mode.

It has built in strong and one of the fastest chess engines on the market having human behaviour playing in advanced mode (features: speed 200000 pos/sec., ability of forward and preemptive thinking in player time).

It is possible simultaneously play 4 chess games on 4 different desktops, this is unique feature only built in RelaxChess game

It is easy to learn, supports fourteen languages.

It allows You to observe other games being played by the players (in main or help window).

It has beautiful user interface -

It supports every possible screen resolution

It has 8 different themes playing in 3D mode.

it has built in for beginners moves advisour playing in 2D mode.

It has a game clock that can be set playing a game.

It has built in auto mode, selected wow engine starts playing against himself, you can switch it off during a game and play yourself wheneven you want, this is unique feature only built in RelaxChess game

You can dynamically reconnect to other RelaxChess servers.

You can reset and start a game whenever You want.

You can choose the game level playing against wow engine.

You can see the last move position on board and in chess (pgn) format.

You can enjoy watching taking the moves, all are in motion.

You can enjoy great special effects (promotion, explode, starting game, switching the board, preemptive thinking).

You can encrypted chat with other players.

You can rewind forward or backward a playing game.

RelaxChess has built in online remote bug reporting and upgrade facility.

RelaxChess supports about 20 well known chess openings and endings.

RelaxChess s also available for Android so the mobile clients can connect and play against each other or desktop users.

For android version check it out at ""

RelaxChess is built in Java and ported to Windows executables using latest JET technology making play feeling and dynamics of a native program, soon available also for Mac

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